The Social Determinants of Health

Health inequities and disparities may well represent the greatest failure in our social structure. These disparities don’t simply effect subgroups, they effect everyone in ways that are immoral, economic and shocking. A citizen’s health, care access, experience and costs are directly related to their ethnicity, socioeconomic status and even their neighborhood. The Althing is the first fully proactive, total access solution, that is self funding and community owned to create a healthier, more equitable, economically strong community. Here we highlight a few of the startling facts and then share how Althing strives to address these:

Disparities • Inequities • Social Determinants
5% of the population accounts for over half of all health spending. More alarmingly is also an uncounted population that suffers, in many cases horribly and to their death, that does not properly access care. There is too much suffering and too much costs on avoidable disease states.
Estimates indicate that disparities amount to approximately $93 billion in excess medical care costs and $42 billion in lost productivity per year. There are also significant economic losses due to premature death. In a population with high or rising diversity it becomes increasingly important to address health disparities. Diversity isn't only race but also age, culture, education, gender identity, faith and much more.
Nearly a third of health expenditures on minorities were due to health inequities.
The Joint Center for Economic and Political Studies finds that eliminating health disparities for minorities would reduce direct medical care expenditures by nearly $230 billion. It isn't just about finance however, it is about a community healthy in all ways possible.

**Althing goes directly to the population (including the disenfranchised), proactively, with health education, age, access, assessments and equitable connections to care. It is designed to be more effective than any other solution as it is the only proven to function equally in all literacies, languages, genders, cultures and races.

Mental Health
Spending on mental illness accounts for $89 billion of total health spending. Early and equitable identification can significantly reduce this cost.

One in five Americans report they or a family member did not receive needed mental health services. Breaking the stigmas and connecting help earlier can greatly alleviate this pain.

Utilization of mental health services is low among Black, Asian and Hispanic populations. The reasons for minorities' lower utilization include prejudice & discrimination, cost and access. With communication theory tools we can utilize scientifically proven methods to improve trust and utilization.

Nearly half of incarcerated Americans suffer significant mental health issues. There is a clear link between violence and untreated mental health incidents. Giving timely help and services is more economical, safe and ethical than incarceration.

Each year, fewer adults experiencing serious psychological distress are speaking with a mental health professional. This difficulty is getting worse and many are seeing the consequences. People want new, equitable and proven solutions.

Thirty five percent of adults with serious mental illness are not receiving professional treatment. There is a belief that there are too few mental health professionals but the reality is there are too few efficiency and remote access tools capable of making them available when and where needed.

**Althing goes directly to populations, proactively providing health education, access, assessments and realtime connections to care. Althing strives to break the stigmas associated with mental health by educating, matching ethnicity and culture, offering a portal for more mental health workers to provide services in the community and by improving identification of issues earlier in the progression.

Global Leader in Health Equity

GeaCom Inc has been providing community health, for all demographies, for well over a decade. The solution is designed and produced in North America and tested around the globe. The CITE Solutions on Phrazer/Kitsune have proven to be the only capable of equal engagement and service for all populations in spite of language, literacy, gender, faith, background, culture and more.

This fully tested, validated and proven solutions are unmatched in efficacy. The results and refinement can not be duplicated by any other platform or through outdated conventional means. Equity, efficacy and efficiency matter and GeaCom's solutions are the world leading in all these categories.