A stunning, proven breakthrough in healthcare and education, expands to the entire community

sbirt+ and community health

Althing is bringing healthcare pro-actively to the community in their native language, literacy and culture.The validated Screening for Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) helps to identify risky behavior and mental health challenges early. The Phrazer/Kitsune SBIRT+ services go even further by bringing a live qualified caregiver directly to each user, immediately, and connecting them with the needed resources.

Live doctors & services

reaching the entire community

From children to seniors, from the working to the retired, from the multi-generation to the recently joining the community. Althing is identifying disease states earlier in their progression, helping with addiction and depression, educating and connecting. How is this accomplished?

map of althing reach

Modernized community engagement

  • GeaCom, Inc

    A globally recognized Minnesota innovator and leader in Civil Rights has donated extensive resources to Althing.

  • community services

    Safety, security, economic development, sewer & water, power and other services access & info will be added to Althing.

  • program sponsors

    Premier sponsors who support Civil Rights, community health and a better future of access for all.

  • Austin Public Schools

    A diverse, innovative school district committed to equity, education, the children and entire community.

  • corporate participants

    Extending the K-12 reach are community minded companies who bring Althing to their staff and families.

  • category sponsors

    Specialty sponsors who support categories of Althing and expand the resources, uses and access.

  • Community health

    Local, state, federal services and community resources are involved in supporting the Althing program.

  • special services

    Language services, senior services, health studies, shared decision making services and more innovation.

  • program of the Future

    2020 is only the start of the most ambitious and innovative program for modernized community solutions.

Meet the Althing premier sponsors

GeaCom, Inc. and its shareholders

Donated time, resources and labor from the leader in Civil Rights solutions

Austin Public Schools

Donated time, resources, innovation and so much more from a leader in K-12 equity

announcement pending

A leader in charitable giving for education, community and equity

announcement pending

A supporter of diversity, economy and prosperity for all communities