Join GeaCom with Althing to become a leader in equality, efficiency and innovation within the K-12 industry. CITE Solution benefits can be applied across different settings (e.g. student enrollment, parent engagement, student learning, classroom, etc.), this new solution is only at the beginnings of its potential and pioneers will yield the greatest benefit.

A partnership to innovate collaboratively, solve longstanding challenges and establish a new engagement model benefiting students, parents, staff and the community. For the initial roadmap, areas of immediate need:
• Student Enrollment including Student Health History and Vaccination History
• Parent Engagement (parent-teacher conferences)

Explore additional use cases including, but not limited to:
• Parent/teacher engagements within System 44 (3rd and 4th grade)
• Student engagements within System 44 (sight words)
• Learning/spelling engagements in the classroom setting (3rd and 4th grade)
• Student entertainment portal and services (audio books, calming sounds & images, relaxation techniques)
• Trauma informed care engagements
• Take home, weekly parent teacher live engagements and messages

The Althing program will enable you to access new CITE engagement features for students/parents/staff offered by Phrazer/Kitsune,  prove the system's unprecedented capabilities and offer new innovation pathways. CITE Solutions are the only proven system that allows K-12 districts to create an equal, personalized, and culturally sensitive engagement resulting in better outcomes.

CITE Solutions empower schools to experience:
• Equal engagement across demographies
• Continuity and quality across demographies
• System adaptability and reliability
• Operationalization of previously challenging processes
• Innovation capabilities
• Committed partnership

Demonstrations, testimonials, real world results and regulatory compliance measures are all available for review. Opportunities to see the program running live in a district, to speak with staff, students and parents can be made available.